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BROKA Rustic Brown Pullup
BROKA Rustic Brown PullupBROKA Rustic Brown PullupBROKA Rustic Brown Pullup
Rustic Brown Pullup
In Stock
Other colours: Rustic Brown Pullup
Product Details
  • Traditional billfold
  • Premium cowhide leather
  • Raw finish interior
  • 3.5" L x 3" W x 3.75" H
  • Two card slots
  • A bill compartment with unstitched side
  • Made in Ethiopia
Ratings & Reviews (21)

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Excellent quality and design. I wanted a minimalist style and this one is great
Exactly as described. My daughter uses it when she goes out with her friends to hold her debit/credit card and some cash.
Nice quality leather, perfect for holding exactly what I need (around 4 cards and a reasonable amount of cash)
I never thought I could use a front pocket wallet. I took out of my hamburger wallet just what I need. Now I have this ultra useable comfortable front pocket wallet. It takes time to get used to because you used to having that hamburger in your back. It's been a lifetime change but this stylish totally comforted quality, and beautiful wallet you'll want to show off when your showing off your pullups shoes.
Not much to add from what everyone here seems to agree on. Its beautiful, feels good and is well worth the money. I also learned i can do without 99% of what used to be in my wallet. I put everything i didnt need in an old wallet. I have just what i need in my oliberte. Makes life easier.
This is my second wallet, with my first lasting five years. It is the nicest wallet I've owned. Simple thin and most importantly, fair trade.
Very minimalistic wallet, just the way I like it. had it for a couple weeks and no issues thus far. Bigger than I expected, no complaints. leather breaking in in a very nice and rugged way.
The wallet is nice and slim, and looks great. The leather will definitely look great once worn in. The open side is great for getting at cash quickly, and this is only the second wallet I've ever been able to find with this feature.
Great vintage look & petite structure. I just wish it had a coin slot.
love it