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I can't locate my Order ID number (aka OLI#)

Your order ID number is located on your Oliberté order receipt, which was sent via email at the time of purchase. This number is located in the top right corner of your receipt or under Transaction Details located on the left side. Here is an example of what you are looking for: OLI-00123456-123456-123456

I made a mistake with my order!

Please reach out to as soon as you realize you entered the wrong information. If we are able to change the information for you, we will. However, once the order has been processed by our warehouse or has already been shipped, it is too late for us to intercept it. 

Is final sale really final sale?

Yes, final sale means final sale!
Items purchased as final sale are not eligible for return or exchange. If the final sale item shows up damaged/defective please reach out to us with multiple photos of the damage/defect and a copy of your original order receipt. We will address these issues on a case by case basis.

When will my order ship?

Any orders received after 11 a.m. will not be processed until the following business day. Please allow 2-3 business days for your order to be picked, packed and shipped. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a status update email providing you with a tracking number.

How long with it take to receive my order if I'm a US customer?

Once your order is shipped please allow for the below travel times:
If you are on the East coast, please allow 4-7 business days.
If you are on the West coast, please allow 5-10 business days.

How long with it take to receive my order if I'm a Canadian customer?

Once your order is shipped please allow for the below travel times:
If you are in central Canada, please allow 2-3 business days.
If you are on the West coast, please allow 4-6 business days.
If you are on the East coast, please allow 4-6 business days.

How do I return or exchange?

All products made in Ethiopia are Final Sale. This means they will not be eligible for return or exchange, no exceptions.

All other items not final sale can be returned or exchanged up to 45 days of purchase date. For more info

My shoes feel too small. How can I stretch the leather?

1) Try taking the insoles out of the shoes to see if that gives you the extra space you need. Oftentimes this does the trick! You can always put the insoles back in once the leather stretches to your liking.
2) Try wearing "bulky" socks while wearing the shoes around the house for a few hours.
3) You can also try a professional wooden shoe stretcher.

How do I protect my shoes?

Our shoes should always be protected with either our Gorilla Wax or a good quality waterproof spray before they are ever worn outside. It's always a good idea to reapply the product every 4-6 months depending on where you live in the world. Another great suggestion would be to pop into your local shoe repair shop to see what products they would suggest.

Are your shoes waterproof?

No, our shoes/boots are not waterproof!  They are made to be water resistant, however they should not be worn in heavy rain, slush, or snow. Leather stretches when it gets wet so they might not fit the same once they dry. In addition, the chemicals used to clean city streets can cause salt-like stains on the shoes when mixed with water. It's very important that you protect your shoes before you ever leave the house in them. Water damage is not a defect with our leather and will not be covered under our warranty. 

Are your boots good for the winter?

We craft our boots to withstand the elements, but stongly recommend that our all natural Gorilla Wax waterproofing is applied liberally and frequently during cold/wet conditions. Although our boots are not insulated due to being designed with temperature versatility in mind, the leather will soften with wear to give you the comfortable option of layering with thicker socks on colder days.

Why are the outsoles changing colour?

Because our outsoles are made using natural properties, there is no protection against harsh elements. We recommend storing your shoes in a dry place and not in direct sunlight. When exposed to the sunlight for an extended period of time, it will change the colour of the outsole to a yellow tone. No need to worry about wearing the shoes out in the sun, it just happens when they are in warm, sunny places for long periods of time.

Why am I paying C.O.D.?

Any international orders placed on the US site in USD will be subject to Duties & Taxes on delivery. This will most often be referred to as "C.O.D." by the postal service. Please note that this is the cost of importing goods into your country, and it is determined by your government, not Oliberté. It is always recommended to shop from your country's site - that way Duties & Taxes will be calculated at checkout, and you'll be paying in your own currency.

Why isn't my promo code working?

All promo codes are disabled during site-wide sales, and cannot be applied to Final Sale items.

What happened to your Ethiopian Factory?

For more informaion on our Ethiopian factory, please visit