Oliberté Mozaqa Presents: Alpine

This month, we’re excited to introduce Australian band Alpine and present the acoustic version of “Villages”, which they recorded on the road exclusively for the Mozaqa program (above). The song is rad, and this version is awesome. And of course, we’re stoked to know they are doing this to support sustainable change in Africa. Below, check out our brief Q&A with the band, see how they wear our shoes around the streets of Melbourne, and download a free mp3 of “Villages”.


Tell us about Alpine in 300 characters or less (we’re way more generous than Twitter). 6 friends. Lou, Phoebe, Tim, Christian, Ryan, Phill. We met in various places of fun and trouble. Uni, high school, bars, all through each other. For almost four years now we have been putting our creative minds together and doing the thing we love most, making and playing music. We’ve been lucky enough not only to play all around Australia, but to cross the globe and share what we’ve made and experience the wonderfully wonderful and difficult life of touring in small vans. This means long drives, cramped space, cookie crumbs, dirty socks mixed with amazing venues, amazing people and beautiful scenery. Very cool. Well obviously we’re psyched to see what’s next for Alpine. Any scoops we should know about? Well! Writing music is always happening. So perhaps a 2nd, 3rd, 4th album! Ha! Ambition. More touring hopefully! We want to go everywhere. But all in all, we don’t know what’s on the horizon, really no idea. We know we’d like Alpine to continue, maybe till old age. But we ain’t no soothsayers. So we’ll just enjoy the moment.

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