Oliberté Mozaqa Presents: Churchill

This month, we’re excited to introduce American band Churchill and present the acoustic version of “Change” they recorded exclusively for the Mozaqa program (video above. It’s a must-see). The song is rad, and this version is awesome. And of course, we’re stoked to know they are doing this to help support sustainable change in Africa. At the bottom of the page, check out the interview with Joe Richmond, get to know their motivation in joining Oliberté, and see them rock our boots.


Blessed with two distinctive lead vocalists – Tim Bruns and Bethany Kelly – Churchill’s kaleidoscopic sound is driven by its expansive approach to songwriting and a strong musical chemistry. Tim Bruns and Mike Morter, who plays the mandolin and guitar, deliver the freewheeling alt-country vibe; Bethany adds sophisticated classical flourishes, Tyler Rima (bass) and Joe Richmond (drums) inject the rock attitude. Kelly says the song determines who sings lead. “We try different variations to see what works best,” she says. “Our goal is to do whatever is right for the song.” Bruns, the chief songwriter, explains the creative process this way: “Instead of writing songs to fit some narrow definition of who we are, we let each song find its own voice naturally.” The band proves its versatility in other ways too, producing all of its own music thanks to drummer Joe Richmond, an accomplished audio engineer. Bruns adds: “Part of it too is that we’d rather stand or fall on our own.” Thanks to the success of “Change,” Churchill has stayed busy touring the States. The band’s high-energy and charismatic performances have earned raves while attracting a growing number of fans. And Bruns promises even more musical surprises down the road. “We don’t want to be a band that ever does the same thing twice.”



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