15 Of Our Favorite African Instagrams

We love Instagram for it’s ability to share experience and tell a story in an unprecedented way. Africa as a continent has a wealth of beauty and narrative that makes a perfect setting for an incredible documentation of the modern life. Here are 15 of our favorite accounts to help us keep our finger on the pulse of our inspiration.


Girma Birta (@gboxcreativeGirma is based in our Headquarters city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His imagery documents the beauty of daily life in the streets of one of Africa’s largest cities.


South Africa Through My Eyes (@south_africa_through_my_eyesS.A.T.M.E. is a collaborative account that aggregates the best photography South Africa has to offer, with a heavy focus on wildlife.


Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar (@kibuukaphotographyKibuuka uses his photography to advance images of pride, happiness and strength across the continent.


Mutua Matheka (@truthslingerKenyan photographer Mutua Matheka uses his smartphone to capture previously unnoticed beauty, shapes and color for his account.


Nasrin Suleiman (@nazyxoNasrin uses her camera to document the quirks of daily life in her home town of Zanzibar.

african cityzens

African Cityzens (@africancityzensA collection of work from two visual artists as they dissent imagery of Africa “one street at a time”

christina rizk

Christina Rizk (@christinarizkChristina uses her account to document her daily experiences in the vibrant city of Cairo.


Every Day Africa (@everydayafricaOliberte ambassador Peter DiCampo and fellow photographer Austin Merril started the Everyday Africa account with the goal of showing a fresh perspective of daily life across the continent.

phil moore

Phil Moore (@philmoorephotoBased out of Kenya, Phil Moore captures the beautiful landscapes of East Africa and its inhabitants through his lens.

michael brown

Michael Christopher Brown (@michaelchristopherbrownBased in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Michael C Brown attempts to contrast warzone photography with the natural grandeur of the lush environment. 

steven chikosi

Steven Chikosi (@stevenchikosiSteven Chikosi captures the charm of everyday life in his native Zimbabwe with his account.

marcus bleasdale

Marcus Bleasdale (@marcusbleasdaleWith seven years of experience as a photographer for National Geographic and the Human Rights Watch, Marcus captures the realities of life in the DRC and East Africa.

andrew esiebo

Andrew Eseibo (@andrewesieboAndrew uses his craft to document social issues through his lens in his native Nigeria.


Krisanne Johnson (@krisannejohnsonKrissane uses the medium of photography to document young women existing in the HIV/AIDS era, along with youth culture in a post-apartheid South Africa.


Nana Kofi Acqauh (@africashowboyNana focuses on the vibrancy and beat of life in his native Ghana.

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