Our Mask Machinery has arrived.

Dear Friends,

This week our mask machinery arrived a few days earlier than planned!

The early delivery meant I was left on my own to unload 10 tonnes of machinery in the blistering heat. A few curse words, three changes of clothes and no broken parts (my body or the machinery) to report, everything was unloaded successfully.  

There are still lots of steps to go through, but here is an update on where we are at:

  • Stage 1: Unloading > Complete
  • Stage 2: Installation > Partially Complete
  • Stage 3: Wiring & Electrical Inspection > Monday
  • Stage 4: Testing of Machinery > June 1st-5th
  • Stage 5: Begin Production of Non-Medical Mask: June 8th
  • Stage 6: Install ISO-7/8 Clean Room: Around June 10th
  • Stage 7: Begin Production of Medical Masks: June 22nd

Once we launch we will have some exciting announcements including pricing.

As we continue to understand the world around us, the supply and demand for our current masks changes daily. As such we have adjusted our prices down. We will continue to be monitoring prices to ensure you are always receiving great value while staying safe.

As always, thank you. Stay Safe,

(some pics below of this week’s machinery arrival)


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