Why not add another machine for the fun of it.

Dear Friends,

We are into month 3 of our Made in Canada  mask production and we are now starting to move at a nice clip.

Right here in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, we can make non-medical, Level 1,2,3 medical, 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply, blue, white, and black masks. 

We have made close to 2 Million masks so far and we are starting to become master mask makers.  This is in addition to the 10 million masks we imported during the height of the pandemic.

Not without lots of hiccups, but our entire team has learned to make, break, fix and adjust almost every piece of mask machinery we have in front of us. 

Another Machine!?!

While we are becoming great at our craft, we can only make so many masks a day.  As such, given our current customers needs and not seeing the end of current pandemic anytime soon, I have decided to buy another mask machine. 

But where? We have no space.

Many of our key partners have been to our warehouse and factory, and the one thing many comments on is our efficient use of space.  We have safely and carefully used every square foot for storing all of our finished goods, raw materials, and machinery. This alongside the 20+ employees that work here and navigate through the organized maze of raw materials, boxes and shelves.

Do not forget that up until March, footwear was our only business and we still support our footwear wholesale and online customers out of this space. That means moving thousands of boots and sandals within the same space where now our mask business operates.

To support our growth, last month we took over the building beside us. We will be breaking more walls, bringing back our machinery installers and doubling our capacity as our new machine arrives in 3 weeks.  

Here we go again. Round 2.

Our mask machinery will be on the water in a few days, another compressor has been ordered, there is more electrical work to be done, and of course we will be hiring more great people to help make our masks. 

With the new machines, we will be able to make over 3 Million masks per month with our current shifts in place, but up to 5 million should that need arise.

With businesses, health care facilities, families and children hanging on for what comes these next months, Oliberte is now ready more than ever to continue to support anyone and everyone who needs and wants a non-medical or medical high quality disposable mask, made fairly, made today…in Canada.

As always, thank you. Stay Safe,


(that’s me below – sporting one of our new black masks, swimming in a sea of raw materials behind me)

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