What we believe sets Oliberte apart today.

Dear Friends,

I’m beat. Can’t deny it. But knowing we still have more work to do means my team and I need to keep going to help you and those in need with our masks. That includes a variety of healthcare groups, civilians walking around town,  restaurant owners, dentists, construction workers and many more.

As we continue to deliver millions of masks, I continue to be extremely proud of my team here and abroad as we are starting to really see what sets us apart from other organizations providing masks.

  1. We are transparent.  We don’t know it all, but we are doing our best to gather and provide as much information on our masks, our factories, the certification and the process we follow.
  2. By working directly with our factories we are able to control the quality and ensure the products we source meet your needs, but also compliant with government regulations across multiple countries
  3. We are a small business with a handful of people in Canada and a team in China.  As a result, we can adapt quickly and provide a level of service many fly-by-night companies cannot.
  4. We are focused on Masks. That allows us to provide products we can stand behind and continue to support you with.
  5. Being a socially minded business before COVID-19 began we always put our people, product and planet before profits. Today is no different. We may not make as much money as others but our goal is a bit different – cost recovery while helping as many people as possible. 

Saying all that, in the end nothing happens with your continued support.

As always, thank you. Stay Safe,


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