Oliberte Direct for Masks is Live

Dear Friends,

I am really excited about today’s email. 

If you have been following the last weeks, you have seen me express the highs and lows in bringing masks to those need.

Here is a recap of the last weeks:

Week of March 30th

  • Oliberte’s Business Shuts Down due to COVID-19
  • Through my contacts in China, I research and source Face Mask manufactures in China
  • Oliberte applies and receives its Health Canada Medical License

Week of April 6th

  • Oliberte sources and secures partnerships with 12 face mask manufacturers in China
  • All the logistics, financing and infrastructure is set up to Scale
  • Oliberte receives orders for 1 Million Masks from Health Care and Related Groups

Week of April 13th

  • Oliberte brings back its staff to HQ as we are now considered an Essential Service
  • Oliberte grows to a team of 10+ men and women working in China around the clock to support our production, orders, and customs requirements on the ground
  • Oliberte announces it will begin Manufacturing Non-Medical and Medical Surgical Masks at our Oakville facility in Canada end of May
  • Oliberte at 7 Million Masks on Order

Week of April 21st

  • Oliberte begins shipping daily out of China, due to the hard work and dedication of our team both in Canada and China
  • Oliberte approaching 10 Million Masks on Order
  • Hey JT and Dougie – did you hear that! – Daily Flights! – No Empty planes here (for now) – ‘how you like them masks!’ 


I am excited to announce our next phase in this quickly evolving model.  You Can NOW order our non-medical, medical and KN95 masks online today via oliberte.com.  

Not all our masks will ship same day, but you can also pre-order. Rest assured, our pre-orders will ship soon. We have an additional Million of Non-Medical and Medical masks on way to arrive May 8th, including 500,000 KN95 masks.

If I could, I would give these all away, yet we all know that is not a sustainable option for a small business like Oliberte. Yet so many of us are all struggling personally and financially so we have done our best to ensure these are priced fairly.

Now, while as a business I would love to sell you millions and millions of masks, in reality I would rather sell you less and do it right. I have some requests (which is merely an ask, since you obviously can and will do what you want).

  1. Please buy only what you and your loved ones need. We will have more masks coming and will work hard to bring pricing down, especially when we launch our Made in Canada offering.
  2. Please do not buy and resell our masks at higher prices at a time when so many people are desperate for protection. 
  3. Stay safe and Make safe choices.  Buying our masks will not guarantee any protection. Continue to wash you hands and maintain social distancing.  Combining these actions with the use of a face masks is believed to help keep you safe.

So, thank you again for your time and continuing to follow our journey, 

Stay Safe,


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