Street Shots Around Addis Ababa

From Anna, May 2012 – While visiting the team in Ethiopia, I had the chance to shoot a couple of our SS12 shoes in the city where they’re made. Addis is a bustling, colorful place with a ton of beautiful folks and great backdrops, so it was an easy task. The kicks were snagged hot off the line at a partner factory. The men behind the shots are Johnny and Dave, an Addis acquaintance and PeaceCorps pal respectively. They showed up in exactly what they had to wear and put up with my every whim. First stop was a spot boasting temporary corrugated aluminum painted green and yellow, which is a common sight around the quickly expanding city. Second was a wonderful fruit stand — the staff there even turned on the lights for us and helped arrange the shoes. Third, we found a taxi driver willing to let us hang around his ride, a classic blue car made in Russia always seen on the streets of Addis. We ended the shoot back at the fruit stand, with some fresh juice and the chance to share the pictures we just captured.

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