Ethical Back To School Guide

After a long Summer, it’s time to dust of the books and get back to business once more. We rounded up some amazing products to help you study in style, with the added bonus of each brand contributing to a healthier environment and increased opportunity for students across the World.


We all know that struggle of adapting to a new or hectic schedule! For those mornings where you’re in a rush, prAna’s Carys Dress is perfect for throwing on as you dash out the door. Its comfortable terry knit construction is also perfect to combat those freezing lecture halls!


It’s that time of year where we all have to make the call… do I freeze in the morning, or melt in the afternoon? Add a sprinkle of Fall storms on top of that, and you really shouldn’t leave your house without a trusty windbreaker like Cotopaxi’s Paray jacket. Lightweight and packable, this jacket is the perfect answer to all of Nature’s inconsistencies.

Nothing pulls together a back-to-school outfit like a timelessly stylish backpack. Our new Dejeni is modeled off the Golden age of designer leather bags, and built to be passed along to any students in your future.

United By Blue

UBB’s Gorham Hoodie is the perfect form factor for those 8 am classes where your coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Pop on the hood and sink into its fleece liner and….. focus on everything the professor says intently. Bonus points if it’s an environmental class, where you can constantly mention that every United By Blue product bought removes one pound of garbage from our Oceans.

Pact Apparel

The geniuses behind Pact’s latest product design have come as close as possible to creating the perfect piece of clothing. After countless hours of research and design, they have finally created a pair of leggings with pockets for your phone and more! It might seem gimmicky, but you’ll never want to wear another pair again!

Krochet Kids

Beanies have saved us all from the challenges of bad hair days, and Krochet Kids has saved countless women from poverty thanks to their employment initiatives. The Becks beanie is therefore the perfect headwear to make all our lives a bit easier when we need the helping hand.

We all want to make a good impression on our first day, and one of the best ways to do that is by actually showing up on time! When every second counts, cut down on your tardiness by sliding into a pair of our newest crash-back sneakers, the Tuddos.



Nothing is more essential for back to school than our actual school supplies! Grab yourself some kitschy-cool supplies, and help students across the USA get prepared for their studies thanks to Yoobi’s generous one-for-one supply program. Everyone deserves the tools to succeed in life, let’s make it happen!

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