Looking for Collaborating Artisans

We’re excited to kick off recycling collaborations, and we need your help in starting. We’re looking for leather crafters and artists who want to join the venture. We want one-off collaborations to help promote their talent, support our African team, and share with fans – from leather tags to bracelets to bike seats. A little backstory: Here at Oliberté, we have a mission – to be a for-profit doing good and respecting the world. This involves trying to make the most of every product we create, and respecting the environment we craft it in. Sometimes, shoes aren’t perfect. Sometimes, they are worn with love and then retired. Whatever it may be, the retail industry is often left with discarded remainders of seasons and creation. We aspire to recycle our materials and gear as much as possible to create new finds for the market. Secondhand has become vintage, recycled has become upcycled, and we think it’s great. We’ve been stockpiling our own materials for a while now, and we’re ready to make moves. If you have a favorite company, Etsy creator, or even friend who sounds like a perfect fit, let us know – just send an email to info@oliberte.com with their website or contact information. We’re eager to send our most promising picks materials and see where they take it, and then show our Oliberté fans how the world can work together to make and remake African leather and rubber into quality goods crafted with, and supporting, pride. To sum up: Please email info@oliberte.com if you have any ideas on (or are) artists or leatherworkers who have skills to show off and the desire to help support a proud Africa. We look forward to sharing the results!

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