Oliberté introduces a new Raffia bag line

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset From the outset, a huge part of our mission was to bring the work of skilled African artisans to a greater audience. Our latest project, the Raffia bag collection, is another step in the right direction. Untitled Africa is an amazing continent to work in, as it is absolutely brimming with quality materials, traditional techniques and skilled artisans. Our latest product, the Raffia bag, is a perfect reflection of that, as it encapsulates the transformation of a natural and sustainable material into something special.


These bags get their name from the fibers obtained from the Raffia palm tree, which mainly grow on the island of Madagascar. The leaves of this palm tree can grow as long as 60 feet, providing ample material to weave these bags. Workers will trek deep within the island to harvest the leaves, which are then stripped and sun-dried. At this point, they can be left with their natural beige coloring, or they can be easily dyed a myriad of colors. RaffiaSourcing This material has been used for generations on Madagascar, all aspects of the process are handled by the locals, and the government carefully limits harvesting season to ensure that the leaves have a chance to regrow before next year. Raphia_australis


Once the leaves have been harvested, the manufacturing process can begin. Raffia fiber is an incredible manufacturing material, as it is pliable, soft, strong and durable. It also has the benefit of being incredibly easy to dye, and it is 100% biodegradable, for the benefit of the environment. These characteristics make it ideal for hats, rugs, baskets and woven bags such as ours. With Raffia, the design possibilities are endless, just take a look at our different styles to see what we came up with! Processed with VSCO with e5 preset If you’re looking for the perfect beach bag this summer, or a roomy picnic companion, look no further!

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