MekdesMekdes Abeje is a Senior Accountant at Oliberté Limited, Ethiopia Branch in Addis Ababa. She was born and grew up in Addis Ababa and is a graduate of the University of Addis Ababa. We sat down with Mekdes to find out about what led her to her current role helping us behind the scenes at Oliberté.

What have your past jobs been?
I previously worked as a Clerk Accountant with Oliberté immediately following graduation.

What is life like for you outside work?
Trying to help and support family, reading books, going to church and whenever I can I go swimming for exercise.

Tell us about how you see the world around you?
I see around me suffering, war and displaced families but if we work together as a team, we can make the world a better place as I see around me full of resources to improve the lives of others.

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How has your life changed since working with Oliberté?
Since coming to Oliberté I have grown significantly in my professional capacity.  I have also improved the quality of my personal life through having the capacity to be independent of my family, save for my future education, and also start the down payment deposit purchase of my own condominium home.

What do you see as challenges for your community?
My community is challenged by a lack of opportunity and a lack of jobs to upgrade their way of life.

What are your ambitions?
My ambitions are to improve my job skills, continue my studies in accounting, and to become a Certified Public Accountant.

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What do you think people can do to make the world a better place?
I think people should respect each other and work to look for mutual ground rather than focusing on their differences. Also people should work cooperatively to contribute a common effort to improve our world.

If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
·         I would wish for peace in the world to create a better future for all.
·         I would wish for all people around the world to do more to protect and preserve the environment for our children in the future.
·         I would wish for increased opportunities for all talented young people in Ethiopia so they can enjoy success such as I have experienced during in my time at Oliberté.

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