Oliberte COVID-19 Response: 5

Dear Friends,

Another week, another adventure of ups and downs. The end goal is still the same no matter – it is to get masks to those that need it asap!

This week’s email is going to be a bit shorter as quite honestly, I am exhausted. I have been here since 3am for the 30th+ consecutive day. I want to go home for a bit and play some basketball with my little boys before I am back at it tonight and then again here at 3am tomorrow.

This week alone we have shipped over 5 Million Masks.  Our first 2 charters have left China in the last days and on the way to their final destinations as we speak.

Launching our masks online last week, I am so happy we have been able to ship and deliver masks to so many of you. For those still waiting for your orders to deliver, we are continuing to add more stock every day.  In addition, we now also have children masks.

There is so much more to tell, but for today I will leave you with some pictures below of one of our charter flights that arrived tonight carrying 2 Million masks.

As always, thanks and stay safe.


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