Places we love to explore in Canada

Bay Of Fundy

Breathtaking forest trails coupled with expansive beaches that yield to the worlds highest tides, the bay of Fundy is a dreamscape on the east coast. A hotspot for scenic camping and kayaking, the bay is home to a beautifully broad spectrum of landscape where waterfalls cascade into the open Atlantic ocean. Activities on the bay range from day trip whale watching, indulging in their seafood cuisine, exploring unrivalled hiking trails and soaking in the small town hospitality that blankets the entire east coastline.

Banff National Park

A hotspot for global tourism, Banff national park still hosts a handful of local gems, and plenty of open space to explore away from the crowds. Day-tripping to Lake Louise and hiking to the tea-house, crossing glaciers at the ice-field parkway and indulging in world class dining in the town of Banff itself, the park is carefully curated to the tastes of the outdoor enthusiast.

Vancouver Island

The perfect escape on the edge of the pacific ocean, Vancouver island is a mecca for explorers as they traverse the driftwood peppered beaches and disappear into the redwood forests that pour out across the coast line. Surfing the morning away in Tofino, and wandering into the afternoons on the beaches across the island, Vancouver island is a small paradise on the fringe of Canada’s western most point.

The Great Lakes

A combination of everything Canadian, the great lakes are all equally diverse, but hold the same pandoras box of adventures across their maps. Hopping in a canoe and portaging their perimeters can see explorers out for days at a time being immersed in challenging trails, rapids, diverse landscapes and incredible camping locations. The lakes are rich in rewarding fishing spots, with sunsets and sunrises to inspire even the most urban of travellers; a quintessential fresh air experience that’s uniquely Canadian at its core.

Algonquin National Park

It’s easy to completely disappear into Algonquin park, with lazy trails that stretch for miles, leading to hidden camping spots, winding rivers, and natural beauty that will overwhelm the inspiration of photographers looking to dive into a Canadian experience without jumping off the map entirely. Home to black bears, loons and moose, Algonquin park is a stunning, balanced eco system un-rippled by urbanization – a perfect escape for those looking for a shorter adventure that still gives perfectly a rounded experience of the true beauty of Canada.

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