Our Qiviut Toque

Warmer than wool, softer than cashmere. Our new Qiviut wool hats are handcrafted in Prince Edward Island from 100% Qiviut wool. Sourced from a company that’s owned and operated by Inuvialuit located in Leduc, Alberta: Our Qiviut hat is a testament to the very highest caliber of craftsmanship and materials that we could produce in Canada.

Harvested from the warm, fluffy undercoating of the Muskox, Qiviut is renowned for its warmth and softness and is extremely limited in production quantities. The Qiviut we use in the crafting of our hats is meticulously harvested by hand seasonally as a result of the muskox shedding its winter insulation. An Arctic animal, built for hearty winters and notoriously resilient to the cold, the muskox survives through -80 degree Fahrenheit temperatures with the aid of its undercoating.

Qiviut was first gathered and processed/spun in the 1930’s in Alaska, making it relatively new as a manufacturing material and adding to its preciousness. Non-itching, hypoallergenic and outstanding in warmth and softness, Qiviut is also super light weight and its non Felting properties keep the material looking new for years, resulting in a longer product life when compared to other materials like wool or synthetics. Raw Qiviut in its unprocessed state goes for around $35 per ounce, making it dramatically more expensive than cashmere.

We create each hat in partnership with Northern Watters Knitwear out of Prince Edward Island, who specialize in hand knitting using natural yarns. Each hat is hand made in limited quantities, reflecting the preciousness of the materials and allowing for each piece to be carefully created with the utmost expertise.

Our aim with the Qiviut toque is to showcase our dedication in revealing to the world what a premium Canadian standard looks like.

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