The Highlander 2016 Collection

Our ultra-premium Highlander collection is back by popular demand, with two new models and our exclusive all-black colorway.



One of the founding principles when we started Oliberté was the creation of high-end footwear that could be worn for life. We built our shoes with the ability to be repaired by a cobbler, and offered a lifetime warranty to back up our commitment to quality.

Last year, we decided to build on this idea and create a special line of shoes that was truly a cut above, with special materials and colorways for an exclusive and enduring appeal. After much experimentation, the Highlander collection was born.

Aside from a limited edition run, the Highlander collection features superior build materials like Camel leather construction, special all-black colorways and exclusive models like this year’s Nusnik and Kortino high sneakers. To resist the negative effects of fast-fashion, we wanted to create a timeless and enduring product and to that end, the Highlander collection has been our greatest success.

Camel Leather Construction

As one of the hardiest animals on the planet, Camels have long been dominant in the extreme conditions of barren deserts and highlands around the world. They are kings if adaptability, which makes their hides such an amazing product to work with.

Compared to cow leather, camel leather has ten times the amount of fibers per square inch to protect them in harsh climates. Despite this added durability, it can be softer and smoother, and is much more resistant to spoiling than typical leather products. In practice, this gives camel leather shoes a suppler feel to the touch, while holding dyed colors better and being more resistant to wear and tear.

The end result is a premium product with a unique and exotic look.

The Nusnik


One of our Highlander collection exclusives, the Nusnik matches its simplistic high-top silhouette with an all-black colorway for the minimalist’s dream shoe. Shop Here

The Tompa


The rugged look of the original Tompa made it a natural choice for the Highlander treatment. A pair of these with a layer of our Gorilla waterproofing wax will be formidable against the Winter blues. Shop Here

The Zimbo


Our Zimbos fit perfectly between a tall boot and a low-top sneaker, for those looking for height that’s just right. Shop Here

The Bokoroo


Our classic basketball-inspired sneaker, a natural choice for the sneakerhead with an affinity for limited editions. Shop Here

The Kortino


Our second Highlander collection exclusive, the Kortinos embody a classic sneaker style and a versatile mid-high look. Shop Here

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