Vibram Soles

We chose Vibram soles specifically for their reputation as the worlds best. Since 1935 Vibram has been the choice of mountain climbers and adventurers who refuse to compromise on quality and craftsmanship.

A sole that lasts a lifetime reduces our overall footprint, cutting down on landfill waste and ultimately our impact on the environment.

Created from the most resilient rubber, the Vibram Christy sole is renowned for its abrasion resistance and longevity.

Each set of Vibram soles must pass 3 levels of tests designed to ensure that they’re the highest caliber for your explorations.

The first test is a laboratory test, designed to determine the characteristics of a number of elements including abrasion, slip resistance, hardness, density, stress break and resistance to the elements.

The second is ‘in vivo’ testing, which replicates real world usage but in a controlled space. this allows vibram to fine tune each sole in response to practical applications.

The third and final test is executed by their field team, and is intended to test the limits through exposure to extreme conditions, as well as everyday trials and exercises.

Ultimately, we need our boots to be the best for you. We want to set an example, a new standard for quality, and Vibram is just that.

As we confidently warranty Oliberté boots for life, we need to be confident with each piece of each pair. Vibram is assuredly the quality sole that will outlast a lifetime of adventures, and we’re proud to partner with them on our entire ‘Made in Canada’ collection.


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