What’s in a (Bag) Name?

Usually, we name each of our footwear styles for a place in Africa. However, for the debut of our Oliberté bags, we decided to do things a little differently. Each bag name, instead, is dedicated to a person who is integral to the bags’ creation and our company in general. This is Dagnachew, the man behind two of the styles and the inspiration for the bag name DAGNA. The YONA is named after our Ethiopian production manager’s son, Yohanus. The EMANU is named after our Ethiopian assistant manager’s son, Emmanuel. And the TEME is named after our other Ethiopian bag creator, Temesgen. These bags were made in Zambia and Ethiopia. We can’t be more stoked to start branching out to these new products, or more proud of the folks behind them. And with fall coming up soon, we’ll have even more to brag about.

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