Why Leather?

It’s time for us to bone up and admit it: Oliberté is not vegan. OK, maybe you’ve already realized this. Leather is the main component of our kicks (and, soon, bags!), but it’s not only because leather is sexy, durable, and lasts ages. Our leather is sourced from farmers in Ethiopia. These animals that eventually become the leather in our shoes first function as livestock, making for milk, transportation, babies, and more, and rocking the free-range lifestyle. In fact, they live, on average, five to six years longer than domesticated livestock in developed countries, and receive no hormone injections. By buying this leather, we support local farming lifestyles and tanneries (which we make sure are processing the leather in as eco-friendly ways as possible). While we continue to look for other material sources in Africa to incorporate into our styles (and as an expansion of job-creating potential), livestock is a mainstay in Ethiopia. Instead of forcing a product, we’ve embraced the good origins we’ve already found.

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