Oliberté Holiday Gift Guide


With gift giving season in full swing, we wanted to lend a hand in choosing the perfect product for that special someone on your list.

The Bookworm

Slide into a pair of our new Ntotos and get lost in your favorite book. Wear your pants rolled up or down for two distinct looks.

Shop the NTOTO here.

Instagram user @calebgaskins

The Athlete

With their durable Camel leather construction, the Nusniks are ideal for the most active on your gift list this year. Lace them all the way to the top for great ankle support!

Shop the NUSNIK here.

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The Camper

Our Zulira’s Chelsea boot construction make them easy to slip on and off which is perfect for tent camping! Their quality African-sourced leather will have them enjoying many campfires to come.

Shop the ZULIRA here.

Instagram user @sarforre

Instagram user @sarforre


The Collector

Once they’ve scoured the earth for their trinkets, they’ll need a reliable bag to bring their treasures home. Our Gymano duffel is the ideal bag for those with an eye for quality.

Shop the GYMANO here.

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The Explorer

No path is too treacherous for our fan-favorite Gando boots. Their rugged gripsoles and lifetime warranty means they won’t be left behind on the next big adventure.

Shop the GANDO here.

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The Nester

After a long week, they love to cozy up by the fireplace to clear their head. Slipping into our zipper-construction Yabelas will be the easiest thing they do all weekend.

Shop the YABELA here.

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The Artist

The last thing this person needs is another distraction from their creative process. Once they slip on a pair of our classic Mogado HIs. they’ll be comfortable and supported until they complete their masterpiece!

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Shop the MOGADO HI here.

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